Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Some notes on Salzburg, Budapest and Croatia.

I am so far behind. Forgive me! I have just been way too busy to write! So much has happened since my last post that I just can't keep up! I don't want to rush any of my posts about places so I have decided to put up a few photo's and brief descriptions of where we have been since Germany. When I have more time I promise to go into further details!

First off! The hills are aliveeeeeeee..... Salzburg!! Aka the place where The Sound of Music was set. I wanted to do the Sound of Music tour so bad! It is also where Mozart is from. Didn't end up getting around to it though, which I'm sure Gman was thrilled about. Salzburg is so beautiful and really quite clean. There is plenty to do here and it is definitely worth the visit if you are travelling Europe.
This restaurant was really nice! The restaurant goes back into the cliff and is made into little caves. 


Next stop Budapest... I wish I could say I really liked Budapest. I hate to say that I didn't. But... I didn't. I think sometimes your accommodation has a lot to do with your stay and our hostel was awful. I also think my skin was terrorised in the thermal baths... ergh. Budapest is famous in the summer time for their 'ruin bars' which are bars set up in old ruins of buildings. One that I went to was nothing special and was pretty much like the Bay Hotel, but dirtier. The other one was pretty cool and had a really cool vibe to it. I liked it there. We also went to a hideous thermal baths ''rave'' that everyone in the hostel was saying was ''the best night ever''. It was pretty gross, filled with predator men and couples showing huge amounts of PDA. We called it a night when we saw two people next to us having sex... in the same water everyone was in.... the same water that when people splashed the water went in your cup... delish? Maybe I just wasn't too impressed with Budapest because we had just come from Salzburg which was immaculate and I loved it there. I guess you're not going to LOVE everywhere you go!
I really wish I had a better picture of this bar. 

The rave at the thermal baths. 

I just realised, I have pretty much no pictures worth showing of Budapest. 

Next stop CROATIA! It was heaven to arrive here! We had a sleeper on an overnight train so we slept the whole time. We woke up, opened the blind and I literally gasped because the view was so beautiful. The mountains were so Mediterranean and rocky, I have never seen anything like it. Next to it was the sea and in the middle was a little village.

Not much room to move but it was so worth having a sleeper! 

We arrived in Split and head to our hostel before going to the beach for a sun baking session. I had no expectations of Split and I found that I really liked it there. It had a harbour and beaches and markets, what more do you need.

Hvar island was the next stop and if you ever go to Croatia you MUST go here. It is a bit of a party island, but it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to be. There are lovely beaches with the most beautiful water I have ever seen! I want to go back here and spend more time sun baking! I hate rushing this Croatia section, but there is so much to say that I will write a HUGE detailed post when I come home. Remember this is just an over view!

Dubrovnik was a much bigger seaside city where we spent a bit of time. It had great food and the weather was perfect! The beaches again were lovely. Very different from home though. When you go to the beach in Dubrovnik you pretty much find a rock face and lie on it. It is actually kind of nice though and you don't get sand everywhere.  We did sea kayaking, ate lots of ice cream and sea food and drank a lot.

Split, Croatia. 

Split at night. 

One of the many beaches on Hvar Island. 


One of our many seafood dinners while in Croatia. 


How AMAZING is my sun baking spot!

Our tour group (Bosnian post to come soon) having some drinks in Dubrovnik.

Having cherry brandies after ANOTHER seafood platter! Dubrovnik

Walking around the City Walls in Dubrovnik gives you some great views over the city. 


Drinking my wine from a plastic cup overlooking the Ocean! So nice!

  • Our Bosnia Herzegovina tour. SUCH an amazing place and I am so glad we went! It was like a history, cultural and food tour all in one!! 
  • Italy!!! 


  1. Thanks for following my blog! :)

    I used to live in the UK for a bit, and did a couple of Europe trips as well. Your posts are making me sooo nostalgic!

    What a shame you didn't like Budapest. I adored it, but we were fortunate with great service and free shots of palinka with our meals! That could have helped haha!

    1. Thanks CAT. Oh how amazing is it over here! I am not looking forward to coming home to reality in three weeks... It will fly! I've heard so many mixed reviews of Budapest, it seems that you either love it... or you hate it. There is no in between. I also think that your accommodation has a lot to do with your feelings of a place... our accomm was so awful! I do hate to say I don't like a place though... The free alcohol DEF would have helped haha.


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