Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Some minor changes

Some changes to our trip...

If we're besties on facebook you probably know that recently we had a hiccup with some domestic flights..... Such a kick in the face when you get an email saying your flight has been cancelled, indefinitely... At least our money got returned.
STILL, we had everything organised for the UK- Amsterdam leg. Originally, we had booked a flight from Birmingham (near where the rels live) to Amsterdam for like $80 each.
We had a few options...

  • Train... too many stops. We have already paid for accommodation in Amsterdam (because we thought the flights were booked). So we can't have a stop over in Belgium... the idea sounds nice but it's not going to work for us. 
  • Plane... too expensive. NOW, flights are going for like $200 AU EACH!!!! So that is out of the question.
  • Combined train and Ferry pass.. sounded PERFECT! Only the train station is too far from where we will be (2hr). Which means we would be getting a 2hr train, followed by another train, followed by an over night ferry, followed by another train into Amsterdam Centraal. 
  • OR.... Bus... (Megabus to be exact)... we chose this option. It costs us $40 each AU and we don't have to worry about swapping vehicles. The only thing is it is 16hrs via bus. Sucks. At least I will be armed with the precious Temaz. 
This will be us.... for 16 hours...

Also this week Gonz suggested we try couch surfing... I don't think I am the couch surfing kind of person... Has anyone done it? Or heard any horror stories?


  1. you are brave! i've never done any bus travels!! haha. suchs about your plane :( we had a super cheap flight from athens to amsterdam once, and it was delayed 9 hours, and then we had an unexpected stop in bratislava for 4 hours when we weren't allowed off the plane... not to mention we were crazy sick already so it was probably THE WORST SITUATION EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR. thats the thing with cheap euro flights though. theres so many however and the pop up daily -i used to get flights from warsaw to leeds for about 12pound... AMAZING! id recommend if you have anymore gaps like that where you haven't made arrangments just suss it during the week/week before you need to go.
    i haven't couch surfed but heard of someone doing it or hosting it (can't remember) in new york andhaving a cracker of a time. chris evans let some french people do it at his in mornington too and i think that went really well. the good thing is with two of you you'll be safe, its not like you're on your own!! and you'd meet cool people! europe/backpacking is the best for that... you meet the most amazing people and have the best experiences cos you're free to do whatever/go whereever cos you don't have work/school/commitments!!! yay!!!
    good work on the temaz! it will save your life!!! xx

    1. That delay sounds horrible you poor thing! Oh well at least you have a good story to tell now! I'm still a bit weird about couch surfing. The bus was not my choice at all. Gonz is certain that it is the best option because it is so cheap! Im scared haha! We'll see! One week to go!! xx


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