Saturday, 29 September 2012

Addicted to Sephora.

Does anyone else love Sephora??
Hi my name is FrankieFranks and I am a self confessed Sephora addict... Seriously, if I go in their store I get so excited my heart rate increases and I get all those feel good hormones... surely this isn't normal. It is the same with their online store. Makeup, skincare, body care and fragrance galore. Heaven... just inside those black and white stripes!!
I blame it on Australia not having a store! If we had one then I wouldn't go crazy whenever I get the chance to shop in one.

I made myself a little wish list in anticipation for my London visit!

  1. Illamasqua Nail Varnish- Rubber finish. $14
  2. Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum- $30
  3. A roller ball fragrance... I am loving Marc Jacobs "Lola"
  4. Bare Minerals "Prime Time"- $23
  5. Benefit Illuminator "High Beam"- $26
  6. YSL Touche ├Ęclat- $40

Grand total $135, not including the roller ball! Gimme Gimme! Can't wait to hit up their store!

If anyone has tried any of these let me know! I'd hate to be disappointed!

P.S. Don't worry there are PLENTY more travel posts to come but our laptop has run out of space and I can't upload anymore at the moment. Be patient lovelies xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

What are you waiting for?

Wake up, ITS MONDAY.

If you're not inspired enough....

Get out there.
Buy yourself a plane ticket.
It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.




I thought I would motivate you all with some of my favourite photos.  Travelling these last few months has been the best thing I have ever done. It gives you all the time and space to find yourself a balance to think clearly. I have been to places that I had only ever imagined. 

Photo's marked with a * are not my images... the rest you should find somewhere along my blogging journey.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bosnia Herzegovina PART FOUR.

BEFORE I GET STARTED: I can't upload any new pics until I get home in 2 weeks. I will continue to post blogs until then, but if you want to snoop the latest follow my instagram frankie_franks.

Welcome to the BOSNIAN MOUNTAINS. We stayed here at a lovely little hotel that overlooked the mountains. The winter Olympics were held here in the early 80s (pre war). 

You can ski here during the winter, but as it was summer and lovely weather we decided to go hiking. 

The View from our hotel room.

We saw where the lookout was, and literally climbed a mountain. There was no path. Yes... I climbed a mountain. It took five effing hours. If you could feel my glutes the next day you would be crying... good pain though! It was a really really tough climb weaving our way up the hill, but I am so glad I did it as the views were amazing. I have to admit I was freaking out about landmines but apparently this area is totally safe. 
When I went for my run I saw signs that said "Warning Mines" eeeek. I think it's only in the actual woods though where foot traffic isn't common... I think! Anyway I survived. I will have to start calling myself the ultimate traveller... ew.

Now THAT is a view!

Again, how talented is Gonz!!

In conclusion of Bosnia... WE HAD THE BEST TIME! We met great people, we ate fantastic food, we learnt so much and we will never forget it. It was the best spontaneous decision we made all trip. I strongly advise you to look into the tour we did, you will not regret it. 

xox If you missed any on my Bosnia Herzegovina series you can follow the links below xox

I hope you enjoyed Bosnia with me. Would you consider going there now? I'd love to know what you think.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Bosnia Herzegovina PART THREE

Hello blog.

As I promised here is part three of my Bosnian instalment! I mentioned a little about Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina's capital city) in my last post PART TWO but there is still a little more to be said about the city.

The site of the tunnel that was used in the war to get through a difficult area surrounded by enemy troops. Notice the bullet holes in the building... So many buildings still have their scars from the war. 
First of all, Bosnia Herzegovina remains taboo in a lot of travellers minds. Bosnia spend no money what-so-ever on promoting tourism so I guess how are we supposed to know any different. The war in the early nineties is what most people know Bosnia, or Yugoslavia for. Which is a shame really, because it has come so far and is really such a beautiful and vibrant country.

Back to Sarajevo,
As I mentioned in my last post this city is literally awake 24hours.
We went on a walking tour with our guide and it was riveting. I may have mentioned this before, but he grew up during the war and lived through it as a 13-14 year old.
He told us stories of running from bombs and bullets to try and save his life.
One day walking home from school he said a bullet narrowly missed his leg. (Snipers surrounded the city and would take fire on the civilians frequently.) He said he didn't know whether the sniper was trying to warn him or if he had missed... either way he knew he had to get out of there fast, so he zig zagged down the street. War became a part of his life. He said that you could hide... but after a few hours you were really bored and had to get on with your life so you just had to try and avoid the shooting as best as you could.

Pictured above is the market place where fresh produce is sold. Our tour guide was telling us about when it was bombed. He said the market place used to be way busier than it is today... and that when the bomb went off there were bodies and body parts strewn across the whole area... even over railings. Horrific. I can't believe this happened in my lifetime... so many innocent people were killed and nothing was done to help them. It was all caught on film and despite the footage the enemy army still claim that it is fake and that the bodies filmed were dummies.... It is outrageous what humans can do to each other. 

Sarajevo Roses. Have you heard of them? They are basically a scar on the ground where a bomb exploded. As a memorial, the hole in the ground is then filled with a red resin to mark a bomb that killed over nine people. They usually come with a plaque on the wall, with the names of the victims. One night our group was drinking at the brewery... The Brewery was the place where civilians would come to collect water during the war... On our walk home we noticed a "Sarajevo Rose" I felt eery as here was a group of us walking down the same street where another group of a similar size had innocently been killed. At the risk of sounding completely lame, I think it was one of those moments that you will never forget.
We are learning about the Sarajevo Roses on our walking tour.

Sarajevo Rose.

This is actually in Mostar but it gives you an idea of the condition of some of the buildings still. The effects of the war are so visible still.

Just recently we met a real jackass who asked us where we had recently travelled. When we said Bosnia he said "ohhh, really (rolls eyes and laughs) last time I was there there was a war."
He continued to speak about what it was like there 20 years ago... he would not listen to a word I said. Some people are such idiots. He is what we call the ''ultimate traveller'' a type of traveller that think they are what I described... the ultimate traveller. Don't be that person and go to Bosnia. You will enjoy the whole experience.


Just wait until my next post about the Bosnian mountain hotel we stayed in. So beautiful.

ALSO.... GUESS WHO IS GOING TO OCTOBERFEST IN MUNICH? ME ME ME ME ME! And Gonzo of course! We are going to get so fat from all the curry wurst and beer! oh em gee.

By the way... we are having a major computer glitch atm and I can't upload any of my new photos. So you will have to wait until I am home for new content. I do have one more to come before then though. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Bosnia Herzegovina Part 2

Hola! I am in San Sebastian, Spain at the moment! I have had the most amazing three months so far... now there's only three weeks until we are home :( It's bitter sweet. It will be so lovely to see all our family and friends. However, it means going back to work and normal boring day to day things.

So Bosnia Herzegovina Part 2...

Isn't Gonzo a good photographer!

First of all...
I am going to tell you a little more about two important things...
Bosnian Burek and Cevapi (pronounced chevapi)

  • Bosnian Burek is delicious! It is described as a pie by Bosnians. However, it is NOTHING like an Aussie meat pie! It is more like a bakery, savoury kind of pastry which can be filled with different types of fillings.
    I have tried Spinach and also mince meat with onion. You can also get, meat & garlic, cheese and pumpkin. yum yum yum. The pastry is delicious.
    To be honest, the meat an onion one kind of tasted like a sausage roll.
    I also love that you can eat this with any meal of the day!!
    Apparently, Burek is also popular in the surrounding countries of Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey. Each country does their Burek slightly different, so you may have come across a similar thing if you have travelled through any of those places. But I think Bosnian Burek is the best! I want one now! Someone gimme some burek.
    Our guide told us that where we ate our ''pie'' is the best place for street food and Lonely Planet have put it in their book "World's Best Street Food". I don't have the book but I'd love to check out what they say. You can check out the book here: Lonely Planet World's Best Street Food.
  • Cevapi. Where do I start. It is amazing. It is a little different to the Croatian Cevapi, which you must have come across if you have travelled Croatia!
    Bosnian cevapi are sausages that are served with raw onion and a capsicum relish type thing. Our guide told us that the BEST place to eat Cevapi is Sarajevo. It is a crime not to eat it there. The sausage meat itself is quite dense and is actually really nice with the condiments served with it. 
Burek deliciousness. (did you know deliciousness is a word...)
I couldn't find any images of Cevapi in my personal folder :( Lurking the Internet I found this blog about an Aussie guy who is living in Bosnia. Check this one for the food section. Really good post. An Aussie in Bosnia: Best Balkan meals. It even has a Cevapi recipe... I might try it out when I get home! 

After Mostar we headed to Sarajevo, the capital. 
This place literally never sleeps. I could not believe it. At all hours of the night the bars were PACKED... not clubs, just bars on the street. Such a cool vibe around this city. We spent a bit of time walking around the markets and bazaars. Getting coffee's and eating food. Sarajevo is a lot more lively than I was expecting. 

Sarajevo has many market stalls. These stalls are often family run and have run for generations. Among copper, which is widely available in Bosnian souvenir shops you see many bullet souvenirs. They are real bullets that were showered on the city during the war. Some people were unsure about buying them... but I think in a country where the unemployment rate is 40% it is good that they are able to use free materials and craft to make these while making a profit. The shop owners are thrilled when you buy anything from their stores and they would engrave and gift wrap your purchases which was lovely.

I wanted a rug.

Wandering through one of the streets. 

Next post I will write a little more about Sarajevo and the war. 

BTW, Do you like the new layout? I changed the colours to make it easier to read! I am really happy with it :)