Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Viva Las Vegas.

Las Vegas.

I freakin love this place. It feels like the only place in the world where you can walk down the street with a cocktail at any time. Vegas is everything you think it's going to be. It's forty degree heat, there is people everywhere and you can wear whatever you like. 
We stayed for three nights. The first day we got there was pretty late so that night we just drank around the casino, played some 'slot' machines. When you play the pokies at a casino the waitress comes around and gives you free drinks (I'm talking spirits, beer, wine or whatever you want) you just give her $1 tip per drink. 

We bought some frozen cocktails and walked down to the Bellagio to watch the fountain show... if you ever go to Vegas I strongly recommend you do this! It is on every night at 45 min past the hour! It doesn't go for too long either! The fountains are timed to music and the whole thing really is spectacular! Afterwards we had a look around a few of the hotels. It is ridiculous the amount of effort that goes into maintaining these hotels and the details are amazing. The new 'Cosmopolitan' hotel looks really cool and if I went back I would definitely try staying there.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which is an older hotel but right in the heart of 'The Strip'. We didn't notice it being any older than any of the other hotels. We booked a Monaco Suite, so we had a sitting area, a king bed, a spa bath and a separate powder room. It was luxury after being in hostels. Because we stayed in Vegas mid week the accommodation was really reasonable! Like half the price per night than it is on a weekend! Plus there's still plenty to do at night (not nearly as much clubbing though) and you get heaps of happy hour deals. 

The next night we went to Cirque Du Soleil's new show Ka. It was incredible! The stage was fully rotational (is that a word?) rotatable?.... but I'm not talking 21st Century rotating dance-floor, I'm talking upside down, side to side and fully vertical! It is amazing! 

Gman and I love the BeeGee's. The Australian tribute band were in Vegas and tickets were $30 so we spontaneously went along and scored second row seats. It was actually really good and the guys looked exactly the same! Kind of freaky. After the show we went on the roller coaster that surrounds New York New York hotel... it was good... if you like paying $14 for a concussion... so bumpy. But fun! 

Vegas was so much fun! Every day we sun baked and at night we made cocktails in our room then went and played the slot machines and scored some free drinks, had dinner and saw a show and went to a bar or two. I put $1 in a machine and won $20 and then I put $2 in and won another $22. Who's the lucky bitch? 

Inside the Venetian hotel

Before we went to see Cirque.

Our suite in the Monte Carlo.
Disneyland for adults.

Bellagio fountain show. 

Monday, 18 June 2012


Imagine a hell hole.

Fill it with dirt, grime, crime, drugs, sleaze, concrete and salmonella.

I give you... Holly(shit)wood.

We arrived in Hollywood LA after a bus we got from San Francisco. Our hostel was ok... we were in a shared room with 5 other people. I was the only girl... not actually a bad thing as boys dont have long showers or hog the mirror.

If you want to become obese I strongly urge you to move here. It was SO hard to find good food options! It was pretty much takeout burgers or pizzas. We luckily found a supermarket and resorted to pre packed salads for dinner. It got to the point where we craved vegetables because we couldn't remember the last time we had something that wasn't covered in cheese or oil.

On the first day we caught the bus (x3) which took two and a half hours.... to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. The day was ok. Until... on the way home we had the unfortunate pleasure of sharing the bus with two drunken crack heads (on their way to Hollywood to apparently score some chicks in Korea town). I had my magic hair bun in and I was innocently sitting down. They were whinging about not getting a seat.
"Apparently you have to have fancy hairstyles to get a seat" "Fancy girl bet she's gonna get off in Beverley Hills"
He then continued to talk about me, gonzo said "that's my gf" and then they didn't believe him. Gonz said my name and I turned around. Then the whole bus trip... everyone on the bus knew who Rebecca was. "oh Rebecca, she is maddd" "Rebecca is so mad" "How can I get a girl like Rebecca" "Rebecca, she's like Meg Ryan" "Rebecca is mad" "Man REBECCA is maaaaad".
Meanwhile his 'mate' was saying Rebecca is not mad man, you need to leave Rebecca alone.

We then drove past the hotel where Whitney Houston just died.
"Quick lets sing a Whitney Houston song"...... do you think they could think of one? No... they tried to sing a song about love before they gave up and sung about getting high in korea town.


The next day we went to Universal Studios and we had Front of Line tickets (thanks parents) it was great! So nice to be out of Hollywood.

Our last day in Hollywood was spent in Rodeo Dve and Beverley Hills. It is so lovely there and we were just enjoying not being in the grime capital of the world.

We are now in San Diego and loving every minute. Such a cool, laid back city with heaps of shopping, bars, restaurants. We are staying in the middle of the Gaslamp area which is pretty much the main drag. Today we went to the local beaches and lay in the sun all afternoon.... wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Gonzo is the best person to travel with! 

Bikie gang 
spending a day in Beverly Hills.

Infront of the (fake) Hollywood sign. 
Fastest car in the world, parked on Rodeo.

We had one of those cartoon drawings of us done at Universal. It is hilarious! But I can't work out how to get it on here so you will have to check it on my facebook or instagram!

Monday, 11 June 2012

San Francisco.

Before the baseball game. 
Good Afternoon!
Catch up's are in order. You didn't really think I was going to blog everyday did you? I will try my hardest to write as much as possible, but we are just so busy over here! It's great!
The weather here is completely unpredictable! It will be like 20 degrees and sunny in the sunshine, the moment you are in the shade it is freezing! The wind chill here is ridiculous! So hard to judge what to wear! Today on the other hand is lovely, there is hardly any wind, no clouds and 24 degrees. Perfect.
It seems San Francisco has many different identities, every neighbourhood is different from the next. So far we have visited:

  • The Castro- An eccentric but friendly community that celebrate gay, lesbian, bi and transgender persons. Rainbow flags fly out most of the windows, disco balls decorate noticeboards and every store seems to celebrate gay pride, some more extreme than others. 
  • The Mission- We didn't really get enough time to explore the Mission. Apparently it's filled with mexican restaurants and bar's. We found ourselves in a very dodgy "hood" so we got the hell out of there.
  • Fisherman's Warf- tourist central. This area is filled with tourists, attractions, restaurants and souveneir stores. A main attraction is Pier 39 which is home to some smelly sea lions and more touristy shops and restaurants. 
  • Union Square. We are staying in this area. Its a little park/square that the city's shops, hotels and cable cars surround. 
  • Haight Asbury District. The home of the sixties. Lots of graffiti artwork, hipsters and vintage (cool, but very expensive) stores. Golden Gate Park is in this area aswel. It's a HUGE, lovely park.
  • North Beach. Little area filled with lots of Italian restaurants, we're going there for pasta for dinner tonight. 
  • The Tenderloin. The ghetto. Not too bad in the sunlight but apparently it's advised to stay well away from here at night. We went to a church there this morning called Glide, they have a really cool Gospel Choir.
  • China Town. Read my last post (here) if you're interested in China Town. MASSIVE place, apparently it's the biggest China Town outside of Asia. 
Here a few pictures of what we have been up to! See if you can tell which neighbourhood each pic is from!
At the Giants baseball game.

Johnny Rockets. BEST burgers. You better believe I ate that whole thing, and it was amazing. 
Alcatraz, great tour!

Me and my bike. Best day! We rode our bikes over the Golden Gate into Sausalito.

I love this photo. 

We are leaving San Francisco tomorrow morning and heading to L.A.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Adventures of late.

Hello Hello!
Today has been a very busy day! I feel like I have been in San Francisco for AGES! This morning we woke up around 8am and went down the street to buy some breakfast. I got some fruit salad from the supermarket and a skinny vanilla late from starbucks! 

I think the people in starbucks TRY to get your name wrong.

We then went and did a walking tour of San Francisco's chinatown! I have done it before when I was here five years ago with mum. You just print it off the internet! (click here to see the one we did) I confess, we skipped all the museums at the end. 

Entrance to Chinatown

The fortune cookie ladies. You can get pre-made ones or you can take in your own messages to get personalised cookies! 
Following directions like tourists do.

VERY steep hills!
After the walking tour we went and did some shopping. This was like sending an alcoholic to a bar. Horrible. I wanted to shop so bad. I did buy some Vans, because my feet are ridiculously small I scored them for $30 in kids size. 
We went back to our room at around 2pm and decided we didn't want to waste such a lovely afternoon. So us psycho's took on MANY MANY steep hills of San Fran. We found some lovely lookout points, Poets Corner in Nob Hill was lovely! We got views of the whole city and bay area. There was no tourists around here so we had everything to ourselves. We then went searching for Lombard Street, which is the crookedest street in the world... this on the other hand was super busy with tourists. 

dinner tonight, fish tacos from the food court. one grilled one fried. 

Goodnight again xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day One....

Day one.... that is an understatement. I should really be calling this the day that June 4th went FOREVER.

Melbourne time 04/06/2012.
Gonz and I woke up at 4:15 and left for the airport at 5:30am. We said our little goodbyes to our families and went through customs. It sucks to say goodbye to your family for four months, I had a massive lump in my throat but at least I kept it together and didn't cry... I am a cryer... So I am proud of this! Both of us had shaky hands and were feeling super nervous. Couldn't entertain the idea of breakfast, but I managed to have a yogurt at a cafe inside the international area.
We booked the exit row seats which were an absolute lifesaver! I was stuck between Gonzo (who's 6'6) and a man that was the same height but double the width so when it came to meal times it was struggle city to claim some elbow space.

Los Angeles 04/06/2012.
Anyway to cut a massive story we got to LAX airport (after a 14 hr flight) at 7am on the 4th of June. I had two or so hours sleep... Temaz is overrated... all it did was make me have a crazy dream that my cat was on the plane. Massive weirdo. My parents gave us their Qantas club guest passes so we went to the club lounge to spend our seven hour stopover... seven effing hours. We found the lounge chairs, I put my eye mask on, earplugs in and had the best three hours sleep! So those passes were gold in my eyes.

We FINALLY arrived in San Francisco at about 5pm and made it to our hostel at around 6:30.

Our hostel.

Our private room. I am sitting on this bed right now and it is so comfortable!!

We dont have a private bathroom, there is shared ones in the hallway. We have  two mirrors (one pictured here) and another full length. A sink. A hairdryer. A microwave. Ipod deck and a mini fridge. Pretty damn good for $52 each a night.

We are so tired! The hostel has a free wine and cheese night downstairs in the basement but we are way too tired. We just went out to an american diner place. Pretty much a tourist trap but it was a fun place to go, especially as Gonz has never been to the states.

How light is it outside! It's like 7:30pm. 

My meal is the closest. Gonz's even greasier meal is the other one.

I did well! SO FULL! G man demolished his. He was pretty excited to get a beer for $3.

Goodnight lovelies xxxx