Friday, 18 May 2012

Packing One O One.

First of all, is anyone else loving Radical Face at the moment? I freakin' love him, can't stop listening to his song "Ghost Town". Gonzy showed it to me. He also does that song "Welcome Home" which is on an add at the moment.

It's great, do yourself a favour and listen to this. (I've been having trouble getting this link to work so you might just have to source it yourself :) )

So after my disaster attempt at packing the other day. I thought to myself (as you do) I wonder what google would say. You can literally ask google anything! My sister was telling me that one of her friends broke up with her bf and googled, "what to do when your boyfriend dumps you." See... proof......

Anyway I googled "how to pack your backpack" and I got onto a site called and they have an article that says "How to pack your backpack". Exact match, perfect. (Check it out here if you're interested.)
 It told me... "Bin the ‘jeans-for-best’, the ‘shoes-for-just-in-case’ and the ‘backup-hoody’. It’s time to strip the contents of your backpack down to the bare bones…"

 Right... like that's the easiest thing in the world to do.

 Anyway, after some tough love advice from some gf's on facebook and on here I came to conclusion that I NEED to take at least HALF of what I decided on. The way I did this... I tried on all of the outfits and decided what I would wear, and what I wouldn't. Once I had the clothes on it was much easier to picture! 

As you know I went to Chaddy the other day and found this great pair of shorts which mean I feel comfortable excluding the other few pairs as I will wear these non stop instead! They're Wrangler and they don't have stupid rips all over them. Love them. Plus they are a small size but they don't gape at the back like some other high wasted denim. 

Look here! You will be so impressed! Well if you're not... I am! I did a massive cull! I culled down half of my t-shirts. Took out one pair of heels. Ditched the denim jacket and the black blazer. Ditched like 3x pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, a jumper... the list goes on. I have so many versatile outfits that I can mix/match and dress up/ dress down. Plus, my bag is so light! You can't really tell here, but there is so much room in the sides. I have packed everything in here, including shoes and makeup bag. Ditched straightener, hair dryer and have no hair care products :( 

Proof that my bag easily closes!

So another thing I got in whilst in Chadstone was a cute little gift from mum! I absoloutley LOVE Kikki K. She wanted to buy me a travel diary and a document wallet. When we got to KK the travel document wallets were a little bulky and big, precious space taker... so we decided to skip on that. I was after a plain notebook with plenty of space. We ended up getting a felt cover with an insert inside. What's great is you can buy refills of the paper so when I've filled it up I just squish the next booklet in. This is why we got the red book band! Great idea! This way when my diary is bulky and completely full the band will keep everything together. Cute Pen. Cuter mum. Thanks heaps mum if you're reading this, I love my present!

This picture is stuck upside down, so use your imagination.

I am feeling MUCH better! Thanks for all your packing advice and tips :)


  1. Yay :-) I'm glad you managed to get your bag closed.

    In answer to the demister question, I got mine overseas but I'm pretty sure they have them in tubs in Perfume Connection at the counters and I'd assume Priceline would stock some as well.

  2. good work!!! you are crazy organised though haha.. i normally pack on the day!! or night before if i have a crazy early flight! good on you!! so exciting. hope you'll update facey/this blog on your trip!!


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