Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A La Magic Hair Bun

Ahhhhh... a big bun for thin hair! Bless!
Tink Bun,
I have long hair and it goes into a bun no problem, however, my hair is pretty thin and my bun's lack seriously oomph! I got the idea after looking at pictures of my 21st where I dressed up as Tinkerbell, which came hand in hand with the big tink bun.

I searched in Hairhouse Warehouse and found exactly what I was looking for... for $14... mm. I got mine on ebay for $6 including postage. score.
Although mine is made of some mysterious material and resembles some sort of strawberry blonde it doesn't actually look that bad once it's on.

Although it's slightly off theme I thought I'd share it as technically it was a purchase to take overseas....
Excuse my fresh face and comfy clothes.

First of all... don't get scared by it's slightly off colour and hideous shine.

High Pony
High pony.
Add the magic bun

Spread your hair evenly over the bun

I dont know why I took this picture.

Evenly spread hair pieces in sections. 

Pin the sections using Bobbi Pins.

Pin the whole way around the magic bun until your hair covers it.

Ohh La, nice big bun.

I'm loving my magic bun and I'm definitely taking it away for a quick fix hair do.


  1. Cute blog!

    You make a stunning Tink! :)

    That bun looks like a great idea, and easy to use. But I know I'd manage to stuff it up anyway.

    1. Thankyou Cat :) You should definitely get one, so simple! xx

  2. I also bought one of these to take on my travels!


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