Friday, 4 May 2012

Exaclty one month to go.

Can you believe it! ONE MONTH TO GO! Today is the forth of May ( I refuse to say May the Forth be with you....) and we leave on June 4th. Although I won't admit it to Gonz I have already started planning my airport outfit and toyed with the idea of packing my bag... Just to see how much or little I am capable of packing.

Shoes still seem to be the object of concern... so far I have culled down to maybe six pairs....
This includes my:
Nike's (because I'm not going to get fat.....)
Thongs (so I don't get warts from hostel showers.)
2 Pairs of my new Jellybean sandals. (because they're really light.) Remember them here.
2 Pairs of heels, my casual ones and my going out ones. (Because I'm 5'2 and Gonz is 6'6...need I say more.)
I also plan on buying some Vans or Converse over there where they'll be cheaper... It's a bit excessive but I think I have good reason for all of them being included.

Some more exciting news...
We are awaiting the arrival of... OUR EURAIL passes!
$1370 each.... ouch. We purchased our tickets on Wednesday and they should be here by the ninth of May! You can imagine my excitement!  Here are the details for our Eurail Global Pass. But basically we get unlimited train travel for every day within the three months in Europe. Day trip anyone... don't mind if I do.

P.s. I googled airport outfits and someone has dedicated a whole blog to it! Check it here

Did you pack everything Rachel Zoe?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Harper Beckham

Loving Whitney Port's outfit.


  1. if i can offer you some tips for shoes - get a really comfy pair of wedges/platforms that you can wear casually or going out - will save you tonnes of room and you thank yourself later. i am a chronic overpacker but every year i refine it a little bit. can you wear your jellybeans in the shower?
    you will want to buy sooooo much stuff, and if you've got 5 pairs of shoes weighing you down you're going to hate it haha....

    my usual shoes for travelling are - 1xrunners, 1xwedges, 1xloafers, 1xsandles.

    (i took 16 pairs of shoes on one of my trips..!)

    1. Haha... 16 pairs! That's insane :) But I can totally see how you can trick yourself into thinking you need them! I have a problem...I've have become emotionally attached to the shoes I have decided on... I will try cut it down.... My current plan is to send home some things... who knows! I will definitely keep your tip in mind! Thanks :)


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