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Bosnia Herzegovina Part 2

Hola! I am in San Sebastian, Spain at the moment! I have had the most amazing three months so far... now there's only three weeks until we are home :( It's bitter sweet. It will be so lovely to see all our family and friends. However, it means going back to work and normal boring day to day things.

So Bosnia Herzegovina Part 2...

Isn't Gonzo a good photographer!

First of all...
I am going to tell you a little more about two important things...
Bosnian Burek and Cevapi (pronounced chevapi)

  • Bosnian Burek is delicious! It is described as a pie by Bosnians. However, it is NOTHING like an Aussie meat pie! It is more like a bakery, savoury kind of pastry which can be filled with different types of fillings.
    I have tried Spinach and also mince meat with onion. You can also get, meat & garlic, cheese and pumpkin. yum yum yum. The pastry is delicious.
    To be honest, the meat an onion one kind of tasted like a sausage roll.
    I also love that you can eat this with any meal of the day!!
    Apparently, Burek is also popular in the surrounding countries of Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey. Each country does their Burek slightly different, so you may have come across a similar thing if you have travelled through any of those places. But I think Bosnian Burek is the best! I want one now! Someone gimme some burek.
    Our guide told us that where we ate our ''pie'' is the best place for street food and Lonely Planet have put it in their book "World's Best Street Food". I don't have the book but I'd love to check out what they say. You can check out the book here: Lonely Planet World's Best Street Food.
  • Cevapi. Where do I start. It is amazing. It is a little different to the Croatian Cevapi, which you must have come across if you have travelled Croatia!
    Bosnian cevapi are sausages that are served with raw onion and a capsicum relish type thing. Our guide told us that the BEST place to eat Cevapi is Sarajevo. It is a crime not to eat it there. The sausage meat itself is quite dense and is actually really nice with the condiments served with it. 
Burek deliciousness. (did you know deliciousness is a word...)
I couldn't find any images of Cevapi in my personal folder :( Lurking the Internet I found this blog about an Aussie guy who is living in Bosnia. Check this one for the food section. Really good post. An Aussie in Bosnia: Best Balkan meals. It even has a Cevapi recipe... I might try it out when I get home! 

After Mostar we headed to Sarajevo, the capital. 
This place literally never sleeps. I could not believe it. At all hours of the night the bars were PACKED... not clubs, just bars on the street. Such a cool vibe around this city. We spent a bit of time walking around the markets and bazaars. Getting coffee's and eating food. Sarajevo is a lot more lively than I was expecting. 

Sarajevo has many market stalls. These stalls are often family run and have run for generations. Among copper, which is widely available in Bosnian souvenir shops you see many bullet souvenirs. They are real bullets that were showered on the city during the war. Some people were unsure about buying them... but I think in a country where the unemployment rate is 40% it is good that they are able to use free materials and craft to make these while making a profit. The shop owners are thrilled when you buy anything from their stores and they would engrave and gift wrap your purchases which was lovely.

I wanted a rug.

Wandering through one of the streets. 

Next post I will write a little more about Sarajevo and the war. 

BTW, Do you like the new layout? I changed the colours to make it easier to read! I am really happy with it :)

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