Tuesday, 3 July 2012

NYC Ya'll

NYC... go there.
Having some drinks...our last night in NYC. 

Prepare for a big read... sorry!
From the start...

We flew from Vegas. Mid-air our plane had to land at the closest airport as JFK had closed due to bad weather. Fun fun fun..... We eventually arrived at our hostel on Amsterdam ave. Our hostel had great facilities and HEAPS of space (something the other hostels lacked). We were in a 6 bed dorm... it was very basic and resembled something I would've stayed in in a school camp. We didn't mind the room, but our room mates were really annoying. They slept all day and went out at night and came in talking at 5am... we moved to a private room for the last night and it was really impressive. We could actually turn the light on to pack our bags!

Some things that they we did in New York.

  • Central Park.... the BEST place to spend a sunny afternoon. We ate our apples and lay in the sun for a while. We got some great pictures and the whole place is really pretty. 
  • MoMa- Modern museum of Modern art. Here you can see some well known painting's by artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. 
  • Museum of Natural History. This is where the movie 'Night at the Museum' is set. It cost us like $14 admission. They have some amazing animal model's ranging from dinosaurs to bear's. We went to a special exhibit in the planetarium which was really good. 
  • SoHo... if you like shopping. I loved it! Such a cool area to visit! There are small boutiques or big stores like Top Shop (all four stories). 
  • Grand Central station.
  • Empire state building. Gonz is a fan of getting a good picture so we paid like $22 to go to the observation deck. I wasn't too interested at the start but I was glad we did it as you could see the whole city from there. 
  • Times Square... you have to go here. Bit of a tourist trap but it is definitely worth the visit. 
  • Staten Island Ferry. This ferry is free and you go right past the Statue of Liberty. If you're on a budget holiday it is a way better option than paying like $30 for a ferry tour that does the exact same thing. You also get a great view of the New York skyline. 
  • Brooklyn via the Brooklyn bridge. Walking over the bridge is good fun, it's not too far of a walk and it is a great way to see the city. Brooklyn in such a cool place to go! They have old tram lines and cobble stone streets which is a nice contrast to the busy life across the bridge in Manhattan. There is also great food in brooklyn! 

View from the Empire state.

One of the model's from Museum of Natural History.

Central Park.

Gonzo in Central Park. 

Times Square.

in MoMa. 
Gonz and I on the Staten Island ferry.

Grand Central station.

More cocktails.

one of the new World Trade Centre towers.

Brooklyn bridge, doing maintenance at the moment.

View of the bridge from Brooklyn.

Playing in Toys are Us.

If you're into food..... which we are!

  • Carmine's in Times Square. This is an Italian restaurant that specialises in ''family sized'' meals. One pasta serves 2-4 people! We ordered the spaghetti meatballs and it was absoloutley delicious. You can see our menu here. REALLY nice food! Go there!
  • Katz Deli! ANOTHER famous NYC hotspot! A giant deli that sells their famous Pastrami sandwich. IT IS HUGE! Gonzo finished his! It has been around since 1888! The meat is REALLY yum! The restaurant itself is hectic and you don;t get much for service, but the novelty makes this worth the visit! If you have seen "Where Harry met Sally" this is where they met! check it here!
  • Grimaldi's. Famous pizza restuarant in Brooklyn. Def worth the line up out the front. The pizza isn't sold by the slice here so you will just have to be a big fatty and share a MASSIVE one! It is the best pizza I have ever had and it is pretty reasonable in price! It has even won plenty of awards for best pizza in NYC. Grimaldi's website
  • Buddakan! Omg! It is my ultimate favourite restaurant. It is an asian restaurant in the meatpacking district. From the outside you don't see much at all, but when you walk in it feels like you are far away from NYC. Check it out here! Look familiar to you? That's because it is from the Sex and the City movie! Carrie had her rehearsal dinner here.
Buddakan. Where Carrie had her rehearsal dinner.
Katz deli.

Having a drink before our meal in Buddakan.

Our entre tasting plate. Those carrot looking things to the left are actually dumplings!

Our buddakan meal. DELISH!

our giant pasta!

Grimaldi's pizza



  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! All those famous landmarks and so much food!!

  2. Love your blog, so many useful tips I'm jotting down from your USA posts!

    1. Thankyou MrsB :) Glad you're liking it! x


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