Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some basics.

Today I thought I'd share a few basics that I've already bought for the trip. I still need a few more things, but I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.

Most importantly I got a pack! It's a cheaters pack! I'll feel like a real backpacker, but I get the choice to carry my pack or wheel it along! What's better, I got it half price from kathmandu. Bargain... I'm so smart! I even got a little backpack that attatches to the front.
I recently got back from a two week trip to Thailand and I took it for practice. It's very light and I was able to fit the basics in easily... However, I found it difficult to fit everything in and I only took enough for two weeks. It's going to take some serious culling to fit four months in...

I love reading every night and I also do alot of planning from my guide books. However, there is no way I am losing shoe space in my bag for books! So genious over here bought a kindle. Essential! It weighs less than my iphone and it currently holds my USA guide, two Europe guides, an Italian language book and a book on Prague. It also has five novel books on it. So easy to use! If youre a nerd reader like me eat your heart out. (It's cheaper to buy online btw.)

I've also bought a few little knick-knacks to help me along the way. No idea if they were a waste of money, or will be useful but I'll let you know. I got a laundry kit... There is no way I'm going to be one of those smelly hairy backppackers with this. It's pretty cute, comes in a waterproof bag with a universal plug, some laundry paper soap sachets and a clothes line. I bought a microfibre towel on sale at kathmandu as well, $10... bargain!
I needed some sandals to take of course. I have a few great pairs of Funki's except they're way too heavy! These jellybeans shoes cost me $30 with free shipping! They're very cute and very very light! Im also buying a clear pair!

Money saving tip! Buy a coin tin from The Reject Shop and put all your coins in it! I never have coins in my purse because I'm saving them all! Can't wait to see how much I get from it!


  1. btw how did you find the jelly sizings?
    true to size? or did you go up or down?

    1. I bought a five... my feet are ridic. They fit well, they are a tad wide though for my narrow child feet, so just get your regular size. I got my order literally 2 days after I bought them! Enjoy :)

    2. awesome thanks chick!! size 5...w o w


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