Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day One....

Day one.... that is an understatement. I should really be calling this the day that June 4th went FOREVER.

Melbourne time 04/06/2012.
Gonz and I woke up at 4:15 and left for the airport at 5:30am. We said our little goodbyes to our families and went through customs. It sucks to say goodbye to your family for four months, I had a massive lump in my throat but at least I kept it together and didn't cry... I am a cryer... So I am proud of this! Both of us had shaky hands and were feeling super nervous. Couldn't entertain the idea of breakfast, but I managed to have a yogurt at a cafe inside the international area.
We booked the exit row seats which were an absolute lifesaver! I was stuck between Gonzo (who's 6'6) and a man that was the same height but double the width so when it came to meal times it was struggle city to claim some elbow space.

Los Angeles 04/06/2012.
Anyway to cut a massive story short..er we got to LAX airport (after a 14 hr flight) at 7am on the 4th of June. I had two or so hours sleep... Temaz is overrated... all it did was make me have a crazy dream that my cat was on the plane. Massive weirdo. My parents gave us their Qantas club guest passes so we went to the club lounge to spend our seven hour stopover... seven effing hours. We found the lounge chairs, I put my eye mask on, earplugs in and had the best three hours sleep! So those passes were gold in my eyes.

We FINALLY arrived in San Francisco at about 5pm and made it to our hostel at around 6:30.

Our hostel.

Our private room. I am sitting on this bed right now and it is so comfortable!!

We dont have a private bathroom, there is shared ones in the hallway. We have  two mirrors (one pictured here) and another full length. A sink. A hairdryer. A microwave. Ipod deck and a mini fridge. Pretty damn good for $52 each a night.

We are so tired! The hostel has a free wine and cheese night downstairs in the basement but we are way too tired. We just went out to an american diner place. Pretty much a tourist trap but it was a fun place to go, especially as Gonz has never been to the states.

How light is it outside! It's like 7:30pm. 

My meal is the closest. Gonz's even greasier meal is the other one.

I did well! SO FULL! G man demolished his. He was pretty excited to get a beer for $3.

Goodnight lovelies xxxx


  1. you cray cray bec go to sleep!! haha is it still night time of your first day? can't believe the cat thing haha stilnox makes me go loopy like that but 2 x temaze and i'm gone gone gone for a fair chunk of time. bugger!! good work on the qantas club passes. is that a club sandwich?
    good work not crying. the only times i cry in my life is when i watch marley & me and and when i walk through the international gates. haha. loser.

    nice work on your hostel room it looks nice but passing up wine and cheese night thumbs down. sleep well! xx

    1. Marley and Me is traumatic. I nearly had to leave the cinema when I saw it! It is actually a hamburger... apparently.... it was pretty average should've got a normal burger but the "Rye Bread" sucked me in. x

  2. That hostel looks amazing! I have heard they are great in the US. Can't wait to travel there myself.
    Glad you got some sleep in the lounge too!

  3. It is amazing here. I would definitely recommend USA Hostels San Francisco! xx


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