Friday, 19 October 2012

Back home....

I'm still here... JUST.
I've just started work, been back in Personal Training AND decluttering my room while trying to see as many friends and family in the meantime! I am so busy!
I will have a new post up by next week! Stay tuned!! Italy is coming!
Post Europe depression is so awful. To travel Europe has always been my dream and goal. Now that it's over it just feels sad!!! I need a new goal or something to plan for...
My new goal is to run a Half Marathon (21km) eeeesh, just thinking about it hurts my legs!

See you sooner rather than later, I promise!!

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  1. I hate being home . I can't even blog about my trip because it's too depressing. Publishing photos on Facebook was hard enough! Wah wah. Good work re marathon goal! Looking forward to seeing your posts Chica x


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