Thursday, 12 July 2012

A small hurdle.

I have recently learn to roll with the punches... especially when you punch yourself in the face.

So I have been planning this trip for over 12 months... yet I made the biggest, stupidest (not a word but I like it) mistake ever... I left the freakin Eurail passes at home! idiotttt! I actually can't believe that happened! After checking I had everything and then rechecking I still didn't realise. (click here to see when the parcel arrived)

What's worse is I have had SO much time to find that we had forgotten them! We stayed with relatives in England for one week (which was amazing) and we could've had the tickets sent there no problems. But no... I waited until after I'd spent 17 hours on a bus travelling overnight to Amsterdam to make sure I had them... insane. It was the worst day. Our hostel room (a 18 bed mix dorm) smelt like weed and tobacco and was about 100 degrees! We felt awful after such a long bus ride that we decided to shower... got in the shower, there were no shelves, so I had to pile my things on two hooks, couldn't put anything on the floor because there were no shower curtains. I got in the shower turned it on and found out the temperature control was broken. Nearly burnt my skin off. Then my clothes fell off the stupid hook and all got wet.. I had a cry haha. I had to get dressed (because my microfiber towel is half the size of a normal towel) and wait for another shower. It was HORRIBLE! It's kind of funny to look back on, but at the time I felt like absolute crap!

It gets much better than this! Don't worry I won't whinge the whole time. New post on Amsterdam coming soon!

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