Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I went out the other night.
Blazer: Topshop
T-shirt: Country Road
Leather Pants: Subtitled
Necklace: Lovissa
So Gonz and I decided it was time to crack those money tins!
They were getting pretty heavy and we were getting very impatient. It was pretty exciting opening them because they stare you in the face every day.
The results... I lost. Gonzo had $318 and I had $240 or something. That means when we get to USA I already have two days of cash and won't need to take it out of my savings, Gonzo has nearly three! We have budgeted for $120 a day, including accommodation. But we have all our main transport booked and paid for, so they wont come out of our budget.
So far we've booked a greyhound (I'm scared) bus from LA - San Diego, a bus from San Diego to Vegas, a flight from Vegas to NYC (we still have to pay for our baggage though) and our Supa Shuttle transfer to and from NYC airport to our hostel. So we've done pretty well.
Don't worry we sanitised our hands after counting those dirty mofos.

Here's some pictures. Enjoy!

Giving it a shake and feeling hopeful!

Note my list of things to buy on the side.

Excited to start counting! There is $240 in there!

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  1. exciting!! i am terrible at saving but last year discovered i could save in jars in my room? haha i found it somewhat aesthetically pleasing :S i used old candle jars and it inspired me to fill them!! i saved like 3grand in a few months, emptying out my wallet every day, and any cash work i did /babysitting/bar tips/random jobs went straight in there. also the fact i could see it in a clear jar motivated me!!

    how exciting for you! x


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