Saturday, 26 May 2012

Blowing my cash

Being organised is so expensive!!
I am so hungover today, it's horrible.
Yesterday I ran some errands as it was my day off. I had to buy some things at the chemist and it ended up costing me $135. Yikes. I also paid my phone bill and bought a dress...
I bought:

  • S. loads of Estelle*
  • Temaz
  • Zovirax, because I'm one of those lucky people.
  • Sml dry shampoo
  • Flight socks, because when I fly my legs resemble tree trunks. Totally worth the $30 I paid. It's ridiculous, one time my calves didn't fit into my jeans and I had to elevate those baby's for three days before the swelling went down. 
  • 30+ lip balm. 
  • A holder for my toothbrush. 
  •  and Four small containers. They will hold Moisturiser, Makeup remover, Body wash and cleanser. Don't worry I promise they are tiny!

Yesterday, I had to cash in all of our coins (remember here) in return for some American casholla! SO exciting! A week from Monday! I CAN NOT WAIT! Apologies for the small post, I am soooooo I'll ergh wine!! Alcohol is not my friend.

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