Friday, 11 May 2012

Check out what the talented bf did.

It's official! I have the best boyfriend in the world.

Not only did he save my life this week (I may, or may not be exaggerating)...
But seriously, I was eating and I forgot to chew ( how smart do I sound, give me a break I was stressed ) and swallowed this huge bit of meat... ergh... I kept swallowing and that would not go down the hatch. I stood up and told my family to "Call and ambulance, I am choking!"... Gonz patted my back, meanwhile I'm freaking out, but do you think anyone got off the couch to call that ambulance? No! I personally, was about to call the MICA... Anyway... I am here today, I am alive... it's a miracle. Don't worry no ambulance was called, I recovered, funny that. Do you think I can claim this as a near death experience?

Moving on.... The other night we were hanging out to watch Biggest Loser Finale and had nothing to do. I was downloading music and complaining that everyone has such lovely heading artwork on their blogs! So what does he do? Starts drawing me one! It was so exciting!

Artwork in progress


What do you think? I am absoloutley thrilled!

All drawn and designed by Gonz but special thanks to Fleur Harris for tidying it up on the computer.


  1. My original comment was about how talented your bf is, you logo looks great!

    Glad the comments are working now :-)

    1. Thanks MissD! I'm glad you like it. I'm still finding my feet in blog writing so your advice is very much appreciated :) xxx


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