Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Who do I think I am?

Today is my day off, so naturally I have been running around trying to get everything done! So far I have dropped my car in for a service, been to the gym, the supermarket, done some cleaning and then I attempted to pack my bag.... attempted is exactly the right word to use... USELESS. I am a self confessed USELESS packer! I need some serious culling help! WHO do I think I am? I can not believe I thought I was going to take ALL of these things on a four month backpacking holiday! The worst bit is I am emotionally attached to everything I have decided on... I do not need it all but i can not possibly choose things to not take!

First of all, this is the best perfume ever. This is essential for me! ESSENTIAL!

My new Tigerlily bikini's... I can not remember the last time I went into a surf shop. But when I know I am heading into Summer and I see a sign that says 50% off bathers, I'm there. 

$60... bargain!

This pair was also $60. Thank you surf shop.

I also saw a 50% off sign at a local bathers store and of course I went in. These are last season Seafolly bottoms and a Jets top... together they cost me $60. Bargain hunter.

 The shoes I plan to take... 2x Jelly, 1x Nike, 1x Thongs, 1x Tony Bianco going out heels, 1x casual Funkis heels.

 The T-shirt collection... 3x Country Road, 1x Bonds exercise, 1x black long sleeve basic, 2x shirts, 4x basic Zara tops, 3x forever 21 tops, 2x cropped topshop singlets, 1x topshop singlet.

1x Topshop duffel coat, 1x Topshop black Blazer, 1x Zara Denim.

1x BCBG Bandage skirt, 1x leather panel topshop skirt, 1x general pants skirt.

2x casual jumpers, (1 is CR the other Kmart cheapy) I also want to take this bright blue one that I have on today, and maybe buy a black cardi (I am cringing).

I almost forgot my sparkle shorts and my high rise leopard shorts.

This is the only dress I have decided on at the moment.

Some leggings, Nudie Jeans, Topshop jeans and Leopard Top shop leggings.

Casual shorts, denim shorts, black sass and bide shorts and high rise moto cheeky shorts.

SEE I wasn't lying! I need help! I took a picture of my bag with a half attempted effort to pack my clothes into it... I won't show you the picture because I'm far too embarrassed! I am also far too embarrassed to admit the toiletries I was planning on taking... hair care products, sunscreens, makeup, dry shampoo, fake tan, moisturiser, hair oil and my straightener and hairdryer... Lord help me.


  1. Okay, first off? Perfume is fine but put it into a little demister bottle thingy.

    Everything else you need to halve. I'm serious, only take half of all that!

    As for beauty products, how badly do you need the straightener if you have the hair dryer? You won't want to waste time getting ready to go out anyway. Skip the fake tan too, when will you have the time? Take travel sizes of the hair oil and shampoo/conditioner. If you run out, you can buy more, they have that stuff over there :-P plus you might find some awesome stuff. Ditto the makeup, take the bare minimum. You won't want to bother with a full face so take something light or a tinted moisturiser, the travel will reach havoc with your skin and dry it out anyway. One blush, one mascara, one/two eyeliners and a compact eyeshadow. Ditch the rest. Moisturiser is important, but again, don't take too much, you can and will buy more anyway. Most of the brands you know and trust are international.

    Do this, then show me the pile :-P

    1. Thanks for the tips :)Omg.. I never realised how hard it actually is to pack a bag for 4 months! I've already culled a few things out, so I am making progress! Where do you get demisters? x

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^ hit the nail on the head!!!

    i always have grand plans of outfits ill wear when i travel but i end up getting into uniform mode and wearing the same thing/s daily... jeans and tee's are staple - jewellry and scarves are good to break it all up. a blazer and a cardy too. also dresses that you can wear during the day and night! if you're staying in places for one or two days the unpacking/washing/packing will KILL YOU and so will lugging your bag around... not very chic when you're going up/down train station stairs (the WORST) in europe!!!
    i'm so excited for you! i'm such a goose as well bec, i didn't realise this was your blog... duh nat... anyways.

    more travel updates!! yay! xx

    1. haha nat! I forget my name isn't on my blog anywhere. I'm actually planning to ditch the blazer... it will be summer over there and I really wont wear it much plus it will crease! Thanks for the tips :) TWO WEEKS TO GO!! soooo exciting!


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