Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Viva Las Vegas.

Las Vegas.

I freakin love this place. It feels like the only place in the world where you can walk down the street with a cocktail at any time. Vegas is everything you think it's going to be. It's forty degree heat, there is people everywhere and you can wear whatever you like. 
We stayed for three nights. The first day we got there was pretty late so that night we just drank around the casino, played some 'slot' machines. When you play the pokies at a casino the waitress comes around and gives you free drinks (I'm talking spirits, beer, wine or whatever you want) you just give her $1 tip per drink. 

We bought some frozen cocktails and walked down to the Bellagio to watch the fountain show... if you ever go to Vegas I strongly recommend you do this! It is on every night at 45 min past the hour! It doesn't go for too long either! The fountains are timed to music and the whole thing really is spectacular! Afterwards we had a look around a few of the hotels. It is ridiculous the amount of effort that goes into maintaining these hotels and the details are amazing. The new 'Cosmopolitan' hotel looks really cool and if I went back I would definitely try staying there.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which is an older hotel but right in the heart of 'The Strip'. We didn't notice it being any older than any of the other hotels. We booked a Monaco Suite, so we had a sitting area, a king bed, a spa bath and a separate powder room. It was luxury after being in hostels. Because we stayed in Vegas mid week the accommodation was really reasonable! Like half the price per night than it is on a weekend! Plus there's still plenty to do at night (not nearly as much clubbing though) and you get heaps of happy hour deals. 

The next night we went to Cirque Du Soleil's new show Ka. It was incredible! The stage was fully rotational (is that a word?) rotatable?.... but I'm not talking 21st Century rotating dance-floor, I'm talking upside down, side to side and fully vertical! It is amazing! 

Gman and I love the BeeGee's. The Australian tribute band were in Vegas and tickets were $30 so we spontaneously went along and scored second row seats. It was actually really good and the guys looked exactly the same! Kind of freaky. After the show we went on the roller coaster that surrounds New York New York hotel... it was good... if you like paying $14 for a concussion... so bumpy. But fun! 

Vegas was so much fun! Every day we sun baked and at night we made cocktails in our room then went and played the slot machines and scored some free drinks, had dinner and saw a show and went to a bar or two. I put $1 in a machine and won $20 and then I put $2 in and won another $22. Who's the lucky bitch? 

Inside the Venetian hotel

Before we went to see Cirque.

Our suite in the Monte Carlo.
Disneyland for adults.

Bellagio fountain show. 

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