Monday, 18 June 2012


Imagine a hell hole.

Fill it with dirt, grime, crime, drugs, sleaze, concrete and salmonella.

I give you... Holly(shit)wood.

We arrived in Hollywood LA after a bus we got from San Francisco. Our hostel was ok... we were in a shared room with 5 other people. I was the only girl... not actually a bad thing as boys dont have long showers or hog the mirror.

If you want to become obese I strongly urge you to move here. It was SO hard to find good food options! It was pretty much takeout burgers or pizzas. We luckily found a supermarket and resorted to pre packed salads for dinner. It got to the point where we craved vegetables because we couldn't remember the last time we had something that wasn't covered in cheese or oil.

On the first day we caught the bus (x3) which took two and a half hours.... to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. The day was ok. Until... on the way home we had the unfortunate pleasure of sharing the bus with two drunken crack heads (on their way to Hollywood to apparently score some chicks in Korea town). I had my magic hair bun in and I was innocently sitting down. They were whinging about not getting a seat.
"Apparently you have to have fancy hairstyles to get a seat" "Fancy girl bet she's gonna get off in Beverley Hills"
He then continued to talk about me, gonzo said "that's my gf" and then they didn't believe him. Gonz said my name and I turned around. Then the whole bus trip... everyone on the bus knew who Rebecca was. "oh Rebecca, she is maddd" "Rebecca is so mad" "How can I get a girl like Rebecca" "Rebecca, she's like Meg Ryan" "Rebecca is mad" "Man REBECCA is maaaaad".
Meanwhile his 'mate' was saying Rebecca is not mad man, you need to leave Rebecca alone.

We then drove past the hotel where Whitney Houston just died.
"Quick lets sing a Whitney Houston song"...... do you think they could think of one? No... they tried to sing a song about love before they gave up and sung about getting high in korea town.


The next day we went to Universal Studios and we had Front of Line tickets (thanks parents) it was great! So nice to be out of Hollywood.

Our last day in Hollywood was spent in Rodeo Dve and Beverley Hills. It is so lovely there and we were just enjoying not being in the grime capital of the world.

We are now in San Diego and loving every minute. Such a cool, laid back city with heaps of shopping, bars, restaurants. We are staying in the middle of the Gaslamp area which is pretty much the main drag. Today we went to the local beaches and lay in the sun all afternoon.... wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Gonzo is the best person to travel with! 

Bikie gang 
spending a day in Beverly Hills.

Infront of the (fake) Hollywood sign. 
Fastest car in the world, parked on Rodeo.

We had one of those cartoon drawings of us done at Universal. It is hilarious! But I can't work out how to get it on here so you will have to check it on my facebook or instagram!


  1. oh bec that bus story made me laugh!!!I can just imagine!!! hahahaha looks like you're having lots of fun! where to next? and when onto europe? xxx

  2. great reading Bec. I hope you keep posting. Need an itinerary. Please keep writing. Love you heaps.


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