Monday, 11 June 2012

San Francisco.

Before the baseball game. 
Good Afternoon!
Catch up's are in order. You didn't really think I was going to blog everyday did you? I will try my hardest to write as much as possible, but we are just so busy over here! It's great!
The weather here is completely unpredictable! It will be like 20 degrees and sunny in the sunshine, the moment you are in the shade it is freezing! The wind chill here is ridiculous! So hard to judge what to wear! Today on the other hand is lovely, there is hardly any wind, no clouds and 24 degrees. Perfect.
It seems San Francisco has many different identities, every neighbourhood is different from the next. So far we have visited:

  • The Castro- An eccentric but friendly community that celebrate gay, lesbian, bi and transgender persons. Rainbow flags fly out most of the windows, disco balls decorate noticeboards and every store seems to celebrate gay pride, some more extreme than others. 
  • The Mission- We didn't really get enough time to explore the Mission. Apparently it's filled with mexican restaurants and bar's. We found ourselves in a very dodgy "hood" so we got the hell out of there.
  • Fisherman's Warf- tourist central. This area is filled with tourists, attractions, restaurants and souveneir stores. A main attraction is Pier 39 which is home to some smelly sea lions and more touristy shops and restaurants. 
  • Union Square. We are staying in this area. Its a little park/square that the city's shops, hotels and cable cars surround. 
  • Haight Asbury District. The home of the sixties. Lots of graffiti artwork, hipsters and vintage (cool, but very expensive) stores. Golden Gate Park is in this area aswel. It's a HUGE, lovely park.
  • North Beach. Little area filled with lots of Italian restaurants, we're going there for pasta for dinner tonight. 
  • The Tenderloin. The ghetto. Not too bad in the sunlight but apparently it's advised to stay well away from here at night. We went to a church there this morning called Glide, they have a really cool Gospel Choir.
  • China Town. Read my last post (here) if you're interested in China Town. MASSIVE place, apparently it's the biggest China Town outside of Asia. 
Here a few pictures of what we have been up to! See if you can tell which neighbourhood each pic is from!
At the Giants baseball game.

Johnny Rockets. BEST burgers. You better believe I ate that whole thing, and it was amazing. 
Alcatraz, great tour!

Me and my bike. Best day! We rode our bikes over the Golden Gate into Sausalito.

I love this photo. 

We are leaving San Francisco tomorrow morning and heading to L.A.

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